Brand thinker, idea maker and Art Director. I help define brand directions and tell their stories. Doing good work with good people. Helping brands look, behave and feel great. 

Spent the last 10 years in Amsterdam refining my craft with some great people, brands and agencies. Recently, 6 months teaching creative thinking in China. Now back and based in the rolling hills of Yorkshire.

Available for hire for agencies and brands. Please get in touch if you want to discuss making some great work together. 

Look forward to it, 
Penny Lee AKA. The Brand Directoress®


I cover these areas: 

1. Brand Theory

A great listener with a knack for digging down and finding the real honest story in your brand and finding the best way to tell it. Getting under your brand’s skin and discovering how it walks, talks, looks, sounds, behaves even smells like. Through sessions together we find your market and
establish the brand ethos, story and tone of voice.

2. Brand Design

Translating the outcome from above into a visual identity with a strong and relevant look and feel. Logo’s, websites, photography direction and the likes.

3. Creative Concepts

Using the brand ethos and brand visual style to concept physical and digital memorable brand experiences. Large and small. From a concert, ideas for social media to a paint brush as an art piece. All meaningful and fun extensions of your brand to make deeper lasting connections with your soon to be fans. 

Do yourself a favour and work with Penny. You won’t easily find someone more enthusiastic, clever, skilled and fun to work with. A great team player also by the way!
— Tirso Francis, Cofounder and CCO Dietwee - Brand, Design and Communication
Penny is THE girl for awesome design, creative content and concept development. Working with Wink as a creative free agent, supporting brainstorms, further developing the clients briefs, and sourcing tons of inspiring and spot-on images to support the mood. And always in a good mood herself on and off the job! We love Penny!
— Arne Koeford, Head of Ideas at Wink
Penny Lee is an extraordinary designer and art director...As an advertising creative, I noticed her design talent and fantastic ideas. As a film director, I have seen many examples of her talent and impressed by her problem solving qualitites and work ethic.
— Johan Kramer, Advertising icon turned Film Director